February 8, 2010. 

You may not remember that day in vivid detail, but I do.

That was the day it finally happened. The day I had anxiously awaited for months. The day I had circled on my calendar.

And as I sat alone in my office, illuminated only by the soft bulb of the lamb on my desk, my hand hovered over the “publish” button. Should I really do this? Is this really what God was asking of me? Is this truly what I want to do?

In a moment of inspiration, I hit the button as quickly as I could. Then came even more terrifying thoughts…

What if nobody reads it? What if it fails? What if I say something wrong? What if nobody cares about what I have to say?

That was the official birthday of The Backstage Project. That was the very first blog that was ever posted. Riddled with run-on sentences, sentences ending on prepositions and a host of other grammatical errors. But it didn’t matter to me at that moment in time. Something was birthed right then and there.

A lot has happened in the 8 years since that cold February afternoon.

We have switched assignments twice now, we’ve added an amazing little man to our family, we’ve dealt with heartache and pain of an unforeseen transition. My role in a local church setting has changed drastically. We have seen the highs of the launch of the “Backstage Student Ministry” book and we’ve endured the painful lows of loneliness.

I have tried to escape the burden God placed on my heart for Youth Workers within our ranks. I have tried to ignore the burning desire to help Student Pastors excel behind the scenes. I have done all I could to run from this great passion of mine.

But I simply cannot escape it any longer. I cannot silence the cry from deep within my soul to help Youth Workers become better leaders. I cannot stop the tears from falling for every Student Pastor that wrestles with discouragement to the point of giving up.

And so here we are. At the precipice of the official reboot of The Backstage Project.

My promise to you is not that I have all the answers. I won’t even guarantee that every post will resonate with where you are in your Student Ministry. I cannot say with certainty that every post will be helpful or that it will even make sense.

But I can promise that every post will be transparent. Every post will be raw and real. They will allow you unfettered access to my deepest fears, doubts, insecurities and struggles.

If you were along for the ride previously, welcome back.

If this is your first time hearing about us…

Welcome Backstage



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