The Season of Silence

Do you ever feel like God is giving you the silent treatment?

Yes, I know that we KNOW better. But let’s drop the front and be completely honest for a moment.

Have you ever FELT like He was giving you the silent treatment?

Have you ever felt like the more you prayed, the further away you were from Him? That the more you read the word and spent time with Him, the quieter He became?

Just me? Okay….

I wish there was a simple answer. In our personal relationships with Him and in our Student Ministry. But the truth is sometimes God doesn’t answer right away. And sometimes, not at all. There will be times that you beg and plead for God to fix/change something in your Youth Group, only to have the problem intensify. You’ll beg and plead for direction, with no reply. You may even pray that He heals and the situation doesn’t change.

There will be dry spells.
There will be low seasons.
There will be times you feel completely and totally alone.

And I wish there was a 5 step solution to fix it, but there’s not. I wish I could explain away with logic and theology about why we face what we do, but I can’t.

But I have learned that these are pivotal moments in our relationship with God and in our ministries. These are the times we grow the most as Christians and as leaders. These are the moments our faith and resolve are tested.

And while there is no simple answer for dealing with a dry season, here are a couple tips to assist you in navigating the season of silence.

1. Trust God- In these seasons, everything about who you are will be tested. It will become increasingly easier to to lose hope altogether. In the dry seasons, it’s easy to begin to doubt that God has a purpose and plan for your life. It becomes harder to reust that He is still there and still cares for you. Remember, this is a season meant to grow you. It won’t be easy, but try to find a way to trust God in the process.

2. Stick to the Word- In moments where the Spirit is not speaking, we must pull ourselves even closer to the Word of God. When the Spirit is not speaking as much, or as loudly, the Word of God continues to speak. It is a manuscript of His voice in our lives. It is chock-full of promises, direction, encouragement and anything else you may need in the process.

3. Hold on- In this season of silence, your belief system will be tested. Everything you believe and why you believe it may be called into question. It’s easy to lose sight of what you have felt, experienced, and believe in this process. Your relationship with God will be shaken, but it doesn’t have to be destroyed.

These seasons are meant to grow us. It stinks. I won’t deny that for a second.

But if you can persevere. If you can can hold on. If you can trust God through the process. If you can continue to committed to what you know to be the truth…

You WILL come out on the other side a better person. You will not only get through this season, but begin to see the results of it in your daily life.

God often uses these moments as the catalyst to launch us into greater anointing and deeper faith. He uses these moments to grow us on a personal level.

This is what you’ve been waiting for.
This is what you’ve been praying for.

Don’t give up yet!


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